1. Go to ‘New batch payout’. 
  2. Name your batch. This name will only be seen by you, your coworkers, your manager or admin. The content creators will not see this name. 
  3. Choose who is paying the Zexel Fee. 
  4. Name the payout group. This name will be seen by the creators.  
  5. Click ‘Add receiver’ 
    1. To add a new request just add the amount they will be receiving, their name and their email address.  
    2. If the creator already requested their payment in our platform, you may find their name or email address by searching for it in the dropdown. Then, the rest of the information will be filled out automatically. Click the ‘x’ to clear the field and start typing to search. 
  6. Select your currency from the dropdown. You will have ‘Euro’ as pre-selected. Click the ‘x’ to clear the field and start typing either the ISO code (GBP), the complete name in English (Pound Sterling) or choose one from the list. 
  7. Click ‘Create draft’ to see the details. Carefully review all the information and make sure everything is correct. Here you can edit the draft, delete it all together or request your payout. 
  8. Note: Once you request your payout you will not be able to modify it whatsoever.