1. Login at Zexel pay. 
  2. Go toNew payout.
  3. Fill out the mandatory information for the payout: 
    • Description of the payment request, the concept of the collaboration. 
    • Amount: the amount you agreed with your client. 
    • Currency: the currency you want to receive your payment in. To view the complete list, you need to click the ‘x’ at the end of the field. 
  4. Fill out the creator’s information. If you cannot find any requests in the dropdown, fill out the information manually. Fill out the creator’s name and email address. 
  5. Click Create draft, carefully review all the information and make sure everything is correct. Here you can edit the draft, delete it all together or request your payout. 
  6. When everything is correct, click Request payment. 
  7. Include the request in an existing batch payment. Select an existing batch payment to link the request and click add payout. 
  8. Validate your batch to pre-approve.  
  9. Wait for your manager to approve and pay your batch.