The financial management solution for influencer agencies!

Automate management processes such as contracts, invoices and payments of your campaigns. Save time and money!

Zexel believes in the scalability of your agency

It’s easy to track few influencer marketing campaigns in Excel, but…

  • Your agency is designed to grow and increase your income
  • The number of campaigns and influencers will also grow

Automate the process of contracts, invoices and payments in one click!

No more tedious manual processes

  • Optimize contract management
  • Streamlines the processes of payments and invoices
  • Simplify the control of your campaigns
  • Save hours of work and money

Find out what Zexel can do for you

Save weekly hours of administrative work.
Generate and validate documents in record time.

Contracts generation

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Generate contracts automatically for the participants of your campaigns.

Modify and add clauses in one of our templates or, if you already have a contract, upload it and send it for signature.

Payments and invoices

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Payments and invoices

Make secure payments to influencers through the platform.

Edit and send invoices to content creators for validation.

Campaigns control

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Campaigns control

All the information about clients, brands, influencers and your campaigns in a CRM.

Optimize your campaigns, through centralized and organized reports.

All from a powerful and intuitive platform

Administrative processes management

Optimize the creation and signing of contracts for all participants, using your templates or one of ours.

Generate a legal invoice instantly to process your payment.

Automate the payment process, as simple as selecting the influencer and the payment date.

Full control of your campaigns

Centralize agencies, brands and influencers data in our CRM.

Create your campaigns by filling out a simple form and with very few steps.

Track your campaigns from start to finish, through a calendar and knowing the status at all times.

Analyze your campaigns with the reports offered by the main panel with centralized information.

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Spend more time on your influencer marketing strategies. Zexel will take care of the paperwork and tedious day-to-day management.