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In 2021, we established Zexel with the goal of professionalizing and empowering the influencer marketing industry. Our mission is to develop solutions for invoicing and payments in campaigns involving content creators.

Clara Herrera, Valentin Veliz & Marcos Brito | Zexel founders

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To empower the influencer marketing industry, through the automation of administrative and bureaucratic processes.

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To build a global platform to help content creators do business without bureaucratic limits. We want to be the tool that facilitates the business of digital creatives.

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Zexel Team

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our history

We founded Zexel in 2021 with the mission to contribute to the professionalization of influencer marketing with first-class technology that until now only large organizations could have access to due to its high costs.  

Zexel S.L. is a consulting and software development company dedicated to providing solutions to communication agencies. We have developed solutions with the firm intention of being of great help to agencies that need to control their administrative processes from the sale of the service to collections and payments. Zexel was developed under international quality and safety standards.

Clara Herrera, Valentin Veliz & Marcos Brito
Zexel Founders
“An administrative application designed for influencer agencies can help minimize the human errors that come from doing these manual processes and allow us to focus more on the mission and objectives of the organization.”



Do you frequently work with digital creators and influencers and to manage more profiles you need to hire more people? This is no longer necessary.

With Zexel scale your organization without having to add more staff to your team. Centrally professionalize these internal processes of the campaigns. With our platform, you can already feel confident that you have everything in the cloud.


Influencers, digital creators of any niche, will finally be able to easily manage deals and track their payments without being overwhelmed.

Eliminate tax problems and decentralized information. Now each creator can work full time on their business with the peace of mind of having a good administrative relationship in their campaigns.